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About Pink Mesquites

Hey Yall!! My name is Maggie Meers from a small Texas community down some long dirt roads, called Hamby! I have a passion for fun clothing. Our style is a little hippie, a little western, a little vintage, but also comfortable. Because lets get real, none of us want to be pulling on our clothes all day! However, I also believe in classy pieces for everyday attire. Life is too short to be like everyone else! Wear the fun clothes, put on that lipstick and carry your head high! You do you!

I am a proud mother of 4, married to my number one man for 18 years! He encourages me to try new things, which is one reason I am where I am! We have a daughter, three boys, the oldest being in Heaven from a tragic car accident. We strive to be the best people God created us to be! We are chaotic at times, and strong willed... every dadgum one of us! We are hard working parents, raising hard working kids, which is one reason I started my business! But I believe that's what gets you to where you are! Come on in, you deserve something new!